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The Best of Brooklyn

Brooklyn continues to grow, change and evolve. The borough of churches, steeped in history and nostalgia, has again turned the page and ushered in a new era. With the construction of several new, luxury buildings, Brooklyn welcomes you to live the good life. Brooklyn offers a wealth of dining experiences, restaurants that have been around for decades mix with new cafes. You'll also find fantastic stores, nightlife entertainment and cultural experiences.

Who We Are…

Whether you’re upgrading to a larger apartment, relocating internationally to New York City or renting your very first apartment, we’re there for your every step of the process. Our dedication to superior customer service has helped us assist many international and U.N. clients secure New York apartments sight unseen to their complete satisfaction.

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island - Manhattan's hidden treasure. For years, Roosevelt Island has flown under the radar, existing as Manhattan's own private island. However, the growth that's been happening on Roosevelt Island over the past few years has really put it on the map. New restaurants and stores have found their home on Roosevelt Island as well as the stores, spas and farmer's market that have been a staple.